Piatto Lights
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4 sizes available to add that extra accent to your scene, with a slim profile that allows it to be placed anywhere.
Take your production to the next level with Tilta’s pro-style 6x6 carbon fiber matte box. This finely crafted accessory for cinema-style cameras is the tool you need in a value-packed kit.
Lightweight and portable, the JIB-01C is a telescoping carbon-fiber jib that extends to just over nine feet max height and fits into a 38-inch carry case.
The ELE-ENG is a detachable shoulder rig support system for the ENG and event videographer. With solid aluminum construction, it’s designed for quick assembly and quick camera mounting. A lightweight, portable shoulder rig solution that fits easily in your camera bag.
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At over 10 North American locations, you can rent select Ikan products to see if they are right for your needs. Find a rental house in your area by clicking More Info.
Hot and New
With so many great new products rolling out, we've put them all together so you don't miss a thing. This month, Ikan unveils its "Hot and New" pages, showing you all the latest and most popular monitors, lights, teleprompters and production tools. Products like the VX9w monitor, Fly-X3-Plus, PD Movie Remote Air Wireless Follow Focus, the PT-3700 Teleprompter, or the new LED Ring Light.
The FLY-X3 Gimbal turns your smartphone into a powerful tool, shooting fluid smooth professional video and eliminating shaky camera moves.
For a limited time only ikan is blowing out its certified refurbished inventory at amazing savings. There is limited stock available of select products in the outlet center. These products carry the full manufacturer's warranty and include all the original accessories. Refurbished units are in like new condition with little to no imperfections. Ikan's quality control department has inspected each item carefully and certified it ready for sale.

ikan Classroom - Video Tutorials NEW LESSONS!

Lesson 1: Composition Techniques for Widescreen Aspect Ratios
John Hess explains some basic tips on how to visualize your desired ratio and some helpful composition techniques.

Lesson 2: 5 Elements of a Great Chroma Key
Explore the 5 crucial elements of capturing a great chromakey for your production.

Lesson 3: Green Screen Lighting
How to properly light the talent(s) in a green screen background.

Lesson 4: How to light for a white background
How to properly light up a white background.